Faith and George take the fast track to success

Posted: 29-11-2017 - 945 view(s)

If you are looking for a route into higher education then you might want to check out our skills for personal development pre-access course.


It’s the ideal starting point for those looking to make a return to education but not quite ready to dive straight in to an access to higher education programme.

Offering a refresh of your maths, English and study skills, you will develop the skills you need for further study.

It certainly proved the right move for Stockton mum, Faith, who has fast-tracked her way on to an access to higher education health course at Stockton Riverside College with just five weeks of study.

“The pre-access course has been like a bridge for me, giving me the foundations to move on to the access course,” she said.

“When I first applied to study access to higher education health at the college I found that my maths and English skills weren’t at the right level.”

The Level 2 Qualification in Skills for Personal Development not only helped fill in the gaps but also prepared Faith for the demands of study.

Hoping to eventually go on to work in mental health, she said: “The course was really interesting, I met new people and the lecturer was very supportive and encouraging.

“When it came to moving on to the access course I felt far more prepared than if I had started at that level.”

It was a similar experience for fellow student George, who also found he needed to brush up on his core skills.


“Having been out of education for 15 years, it was a challenge for me,” he said. “I was disappointed when I didn’t achieve the levels needed for the access course.

“They told me that there was another way I could improve myself.”

Signing up for the pre-access course, George was able to quickly get the skills he needed to progress to the access to health course.

“It was an amazing, we looked at grammar, language and communication, to make sure we could go on to meet the requirements of the access course. It changes your approach to study.”

Now, having taken his place on the access to higher education health course, George said: “Already I feel like I am starting to think like a professional. Imagine what I will be like in three or four years’ time.”

Working in care for a hospital inspired George to want to develop his skills. He hopes to go on to studying nursing at university.

Quick to recommend the courses at Stockton Riverside College, he said: “The level of support I have received has been second to none.”

For more details about the pre-access and access courses available at Stockton Riverside College visit or call 01642 865 566.