CIPD Tees Valley branch co-chair brings her knowledge to students

Posted: 29-08-2017 - 962 view(s)

IT takes more than a love of procedures and policies to succeed in the world of human resources.

Emma Barugh co-chair of the CIPD Tees Valley branch says it’s also about showing empathy and compassion, but most of all understanding people.

CIPD Tees Valley branch co-chair brings her knowledge to students

Emma, who has 20 years industry experience working across numerous sectors, will, from September, be delivering that message to upcoming professionals developing their knowledge at Stockton Riverside College.

As the college’s new lecturer in CIPD Human Resource Management she says: “My role with the CIPD is making sure our members have a voice locally and helping open up the right opportunities by the provision of up to date and topical continuing professional development (CPD).

“Taking up this role at the college feels like a natural affiliation, it is all about helping to develop our future HR professionals.”

Offering CIPD Human Resource Management at Levels 3 and 5, Stockton Riverside College has developed a strong reputation for delivering high quality human resources training.

Emma, of Middlesbrough, will now continue to build on those foundations, bringing her own knowledge, working experience and industry insight to the college and its students.

“I have hands-on experience, as well as insights into how the profession is changing and the expectations of HR professionals going forward,” she says.

Her own career started after making the transition from administration to human resources while working at House of Fraser.

“I quickly discovered I am a bit of a compliance nerd. I loved the policies and procedures,” she says.

“Now it’s about meeting people and creating the right environments to get the best out of people. Helping organisations to perform better by treating people better.”

After eight years in retail Emma went on to work in the NHS, followed by the hospitality sector and then professional services’ law, before setting up her own consultancy firm, MB Human Resources Consulting Ltd.

“I have done most things in HR, I have been a recruitment manager, a generalist consultant, I have done the admin and the operational day-to-day, the management of people, supporting managers and as well as supporting at a strategic level,” she says.

She will now draw on all of that experience to benefit students and existing HR workers looking to develop a broader perspective of the organisational issues facing industry professionals, and effective analytical and problem solving skills.

Emma says: “The world of work is changing and the impact that is going to have on the profession is phenomenal.

“Automation will go on to manage a lot of the transactional side. What is needed now in human resources are people skills, empathy and understanding, things that automation isn’t able to contextualise.

“The way that people experience and view the world around them differs greatly depending on personality type, circumstance and the environment. Therefore the way we manage and lead people needs to be flexible to respond to the variable and changing nature that determine and influence a person’s behaviour.”

For more details about the CIPD Human Resource Management courses being delivered at Stockton Riverside College visit or call 01642 865 566. We are still taking applications for courses starting this September.