Danny secures first choice university place

Posted: 17-08-2017 - 1,181 view(s)

Danny secures first choice university placeThere was a lot riding on that all important envelope for SRC Bede Sixth Form student Danny Jones.

He has always had his heart set on a place at Newcastle University and today was the day he discovered he had made the grade.

“Newcastle is the university where I just feel at home when I visit, and the whole place really, it’s just where I wanted to be,” he said.

Off to study Chemistry with a year abroad, he said: “I couldn’t sleep at all last night. Now I’m really happy.”

Achieving a B in Art, and C grades in Chemistry and Biology, he said: “I want to go on to work in the field of chemistry, probably something to do with drug production.

“The thing with chemistry is that you can go in to anything – even being a pilot.”

Explaining why he chose to study at SRC Bede the former Bishopsgarth School pupil said: “A lot of my friends were coming here and it is modern, but the main thing is I wanted to do science and the science labs are amazing.

“When I went to the college for the day to see what it is like the teachers were amazing and I thought I have to come here.”

He added: “It’s been really good, it’s not just about A levels or grades here, they also help to define you as a person.”