KP placement gives students a taste for work

Posted: 09-03-2017 - 679 view(s)

Students were given a taste of life in the snacks industry as a Teesside firm served up a unique placement opportunity.

Pictured left to right: Jordan Scott, Alfie Walton, Alice Gallagher and Jamie Jones

Four learners from SRC Bede Sixth Form in Billingham spent 10 weekly sessions working with staff at KP Snacks where they delivered an evaluation of the business’s newly rolled out values and behaviours.

“The aim of the placement was to offer our students the opportunity to carry out an internship with a major local company,” said SRC Bede Director, Rick Wells.

“KP Snacks were so enthusiastic and supportive, agreeing to have our students help carry out an internal evaluation.”

Gathering feedback from a cross-section of the Billingham site’s 720 staff, Jamie Jones, Alice Gallagher, Jordan Scott and Alfie Walton, who are all studying A levels at SRC Bede, were able to put their data collection and analysis skills to good use. The work also offered the chance to develop their interpersonal skills.

Alice Gallagher, 17, of Norton, said: “Initially it wasn’t easy, going to meet all these fresh new faces, but it really helped to build my confidence.”

Plus she said: “It gave us valuable experience in the work environment.”

Jamie Jones, 17, of Stockton, said: “It gave us the chance to do something totally different that would be beneficial to our future.

“We got to see what a workplace is really like, from the factory floor to those working in the offices.”

Presenting their findings in a presentation to management, the students impressed KP Snacks’ bosses and provided information that will now be beneficial to the business moving forward.

KP Snacks’ Site HR Lead Melissa Bevington said: “Their aim was to evaluate how embedded the values and behaviours are since the recent site roll-out and their findings were very positive.”

She explained: “The main purpose was to help the students develop on a personal level, to grow confidence and interpersonal skills by working in an unfamiliar environment. We were very proud of what they achieved, their professionalism in presenting to us and how engaging they were. An incredible experience for all involved.”

SRC Bede Director Rick added: “For the students the benefits have been enormous and we are really proud of them all.”