A lesson in logistics

Posted: 08-09-2016 - 910 view(s)

DSC08215Students from Stockton Riverside College, SRC Bede Sixth Form and NETA have been getting to grips with logistics.

Selected to take part in a unique scheme, the youngsters have had their eyes opened to the many opportunities that exist in the industry.

Do you know what it takes to get your cup of tea to you on a morning? Or have you ever considered how the milk makes it, still fresh, from the farm to the table?

It’s all down to logistics and as the students from the Logistics Academy can now tell you, it’s an industry that touches almost every aspect of our lives, yet many of us don’t even realise it exists.

“That was the aim of the Logistics Academy, to raise awareness,” said Jim French, Director of PD Ports’ logistics division, PD Portcentric Logistics.

To do that a group of around 10 students have taken time, alongside their full-time studies, to visit local industry giants, including PD Ports, KP Snacks, Devereux, AV Dawson and Clipper Logistics, as well as taking part in master classes and working with a mentor.

“Going on the workplace visits has helped me learn more about logistics,” said Alice Briggs, 17, from Redcar.

Currently studying Level 3 Engineering at NETA she said: “I am learning vital skills that will help me in the future.”

The Logistics Academy was formed by Stockton Riverside College, SRC Bede Sixth Form NETA, Think Logistics and national charity, Career Ready, working closely with local employers.